Paris | Eiffel Tower | 2011

I think every traveler has that moment in the beginning. A sight or sound or smell triggers a visceral feeling of surreality as you realize…

“Oh my God, I’m actually here.”

In 2011, it was a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower that did that for me. And then, fully emerging from the RER C, the River Seine. The feeling followed me like a cloud. All throughout that day, I kept thinking stuff like, “Wow, I’m crossing a street in Paris.” “Wow, I’m experiencing rain in Paris.” As if it was inconceivable that I would be doing such ordinary things in a day that felt so extraordinary.

A friend tells me her moment was right after her passport was stamped at Fiumicino. She thought, “Thank God, I’m in Rome!” And despite being quite alone, she found herself both crying and grinning from ear to ear as she made her way to the luggage carousel.

Feelings like that can stick with you forever.

And turn you into a lifelong traveler.


What was your moment?





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8 thoughts on “Wanderlust”

  • I love your description of how it was for you in Paris, and totally relate. Honestly I don’t remember when such a moment first came for me. My first trip out of Australia was to Canada, which was not so exotic, or any place I’d yearned to go. I went because my sister was living there. I ended up staying for over a year and that summer I went to London. I think it was in London that it really hit me. I’m in London! OMG I’m finally in London! I was 23 at the time. More recently it really hit me in Egypt a couple of years ago inside the Great Pyramid. I was just about screaming with excitement.

    • Ohh, that must have been really special! Just the thought of being in such an ancient place, one that has seen so much history… I would have goosebumps. So cool. x

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