“Why does one go away?” he said.

“What is it that drives you on? If you are instinctively, or have been brought up or educated in a way that you demand of yourself that you make the best of your life and the best of your opportunities, then there is a constant conversation going on between definitions of success versus definitions of happiness. The two don’t always go together, and at what point do you stop striving so hard to be successful in the conventional sense, because every fibre in your body has been educated to take your opportunities, versus arguably a more enlightened view, which is you don’t have to chase and go for these things?”

Read the New Yorker feature on Damian Lewis here.

(I know my post topics are all over the place! 😀 I’d decided to focus on Thailand for a while — a friend of mine had asked for tips  —  and then all sorts of other, interesting things crop up. Anyway, I hope everyone reading this is having a good day/evening!)

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