No matter what you believe in, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what your grievances are, there is just no justification for killing innocent people.

Paris, beloved, my heart shares your grief.

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  • It seems there’s a bit of insanity out there that just explodes now and then, but I will never ever stop believing in the balance. It’s a dual reality we live in so there must be, just *must* be an equal amount of good happening in the world. We just don’t hear so much about it.
    Alison <3 <3 <3

  • The Buddhists believe the object of the world is for us to experience “suffering.” I’m wondering if people weren’t people, if we would still experience suffering one way or the other?

  • Buddhist believe that life is suffering but that’s not because people cause suffering it’s because everything is constantly changing and ending. Suffering doesn’t necessarily mean suffering in the way we think of the term but rather that suffering exists and it has a lot to do with mindfulness and removal of the ego and finding bliss (and by bliss I don’t mean in the way we think of that word either)…it’s actually really interesting! I just wanted to add that because I read the comment above and it got me thinking about it.

    Anyway, I read an enlightening article the other day, forwarded to me by a friend, that explains some of the misunderstandings of ISIS and their objective as well as how they’re adhering to and carrying out the word in ancient Muslim texts and what they think will happen as a result–they’re working toward a type of apocalypse. It was scary but informational and like I said enlightening. Any interest and I’ll forward it to you. It was a long article but worth reading.

    What a sad and heartbreaking tragedy in Paris. That night was a tough one. I stayed home and just sort of stared at the news and half paid attention to Netflix because it was just so upsetting. I felt helpless and numb and then sad and back again. I was little annoyed because I’d seen a few friends of mine posting online that they were out at a bar having “the best night ever.” I reminded myself that because someone chooses not to express their thoughts on social media doesn’t mean they’re not moved or thinking about it and maybe wanted to keep their thoughts about it offline or in-person with their friends or family. They may also be coping or just unsure what they want to share. There’s a ton of valid reasons. I didn’t write anything online about it by choice. But, still it seemed so insensitive so see celebratory-like selfies from a bar downtown on that night. I might be wrong to feel this way but it got under my skin.

    I’m so upset that so many U.S states are attempting to ban entry for Syrian refugees. Disgusting! By denying them they are just giving into the psychological side of terrorism, defying the supposed ideas the country was built upon and revealing a deep mistrust of foreigners, an ignorance and racism. It’s also illogical because if anybody thinks there aren’t already terrorists or potential converts here they’re insane. I’m especially offended by the people who are claiming they give a crap about the homeless as their reason for being against helping the refugees relocate here. They’re claiming things like “Until there are no homeless people left in America we don’t have room for anybody else!” Puuuhhhleeease. That is the not the reason. Liars.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned that. I’ve been thinking of a post about the refugee situation, but I wasn’t sure how to write it or who I would be offending. I’m relieved my opinion probably won’t be offending you, at least! I totally understand people want to keep their homes safe but I’m pretty sure fear isn’t going to solve hate. When we act based on our fears, the terrorists win — it’s right there in their name, actually, that’s how they want us to feel and act.

      • Yeah, people saying they want to keep their homes safe, as their defense for this, are either ignorant or lying. Seems more likely ppl will get shot in a mass shooting by another American than by a Syrian. This country is already filled with guns and violence.

      • Yeah, seriously, what is up with all the shooting? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing, but it’s just a bit scary how these things are happening.

      • I don’t know. Crappy gun laws and some type of psychological issue with men who are rejected at work or by women seems to be a big connection between many of the shootings. Not to mention a sense of entitlement and moral superiority. It’s almost always some warped guy or young man that’s deeply offended by some garbage or another and it fuels their rage and aggression. Scary how often it happens and how much an activity like going to the movies has changed since bags are always searched now and no backpacks are permitted. I don’t mind that particular security method overall but I’m not sure how well it really works and I always resent the invasion of privacy. A little off topic but brings to mind the airport’s full body scanners. I hate them. They’re a ridiculous waste of money and I have to block out that strangers are looking at my naked body everytime I go through one. You should feel free to criticize. Anybody offended by questioning such a violent trend is twisted!

      • Thanks for the link! Unfortunately it says “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” but maybe there’s another video of the same thing somewhere, I’ll check…

      • Oh for Pete’s sake! Well it was a Saturday Night Live sketch in which a family sits down for Thanksgiving dinner and starts squabbling over ISIS and related issues (and revealing some racism) but then suddenly Adele’s “Hello” comes on and they sort of unite and lip sync. I don’t know it was related to our discussion and it made me laugh so hard

  • I was on my tablet & it was kind of difficult to type. I also wanted to say that’s sweet of you to worry about offending people. Don’t ever worry about me! I’m fairly certain I’m not generally mean or insane (I think??) so even if I disagree with someone’s opinion I don’t react aggressively or I try hard not to anyway and to remain composed. I’m VERY angry at the response of many Americans and governors about this situation. Our country’s doors should be forever open to those seeking safety or freedom or another life. If they weren’t before then I wouldn’t be here.

    • I hear it’s a very long process for a refugee to get approved to live there anyway, with a strict vetting procedure, so, yeah, it’s not like there’s going to be this sudden huge influx of people… I saw this video of this Syrian girl who was resettled in…Michigan, I think…and she was saying it’s such a new thing for her to be able to go outside and stay in the yard and not have to worry about getting hit by bullets and bombs… And there was this other guy who said that he didn’t actually WANT to live Syria, it’s his home, he had family there, he was a professional there, but he really had no choice if he wanted to keep his family safe. It shouldn’t be very difficult to imagine being in their shoes.

      • Well a lot of people here are stupid; I don’t know what else to say.
        Some people pay very little attention to news and/or can’t really think for themselves and grow up in a culture that fosters racism and rewards ignorance. I could write a million pages on my thoughts on this issue but I will spare you! Plus, I’m no expert. However I truly feel my thinking is on the right side on this matter and it’s both maddening and embarrassing to hear such nasty and discrimanatory comments from fellow Americans who are supposedly such good and patriotic Christians–yeah right!

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