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SGMT_Japan_Tokyo_Kawaguchiko_Mt Fuji_01

Quite a lot to write about this trip — among others, I got lost 3x, two of those times in the rain 😀 — but I think I’ll finish the UK posts first before I switch tracks. This trip will be my last in a good long while because I’m gonna try to save up for a big one with my entire family, so no need to rush.

I couldn’t resist posting this, though, because I left Tokyo on a very cloudy day, absolutely no blue in sight, and when I arrived in Kawaguchiko, there were so many clouds on this part of the sky that I didn’t realize there were actually a mountain there. And besides, this big guy is known to be quite a tease.

But then: this. So I guess what they say is true: what’s meant to be will be. Even if it’s not what you were aiming for. Even if you have to get lost a couple of times to get there.

Just something to think about. Hope everyone’s having a good week so far! xx

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