I am currently doing a very good impression of a headless chicken: doing last-minute preparations for a trip, including schedule tweaks, plus work, family stuff, and of course Bluehost’s server had to choose this weekend to crash and go crazy.

(If you tried to access this blog yesterday and couldn’t, that’s because the server was down for almost 24 hours. The site is back up but some of the work I’d done — lengthy comment replies and important post revisions — the day prior to the crash have disappeared. I got in touch with Bluehost support a couple of hours ago and the guy seriously just said, “Okay you would need to make those revisions again…. Was that everything you needed?” And then an issue with too many redirects — luckily that one got solved quite efficiently by another support guy. Whew.)

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend, or at least a better one than mine. And if you’re having similar or worse problems, well, at least we eat 3x a day and don’t have to worry about getting hit by a bullet when we pass by our bedroom windows, right? Perspective, perspective.

6 thoughts on “Perspective”

  • I did notice & wondered what happened. Here’s hoping it all settles down for you & you get smooth sailing until your trip. Very true about keeping perspective and at the same time I think go ahead and let yourself feel annoyed because your experience does sound like it was irritating as heck! There’s this realllllllly stupid thing my friends & I have been doing for about 13 years now called “shimmy sham” and I won’t even attempt to explain it but it’s for good luck and I’m doing a shimmy-sham for you right after I post this comment.

    • Hi Alex! I’ve just gotten back and trying to catch up on everything. Scotland was so lovely, it’s a photographer’s dream, you would create such lovely photos there! xx

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