Around the World in 30+ Doors: Guess which island these doors are from

Doors 01a

I love doors. I’m the worst at photographing them — all crooked lines and awkward angles — but I love them. I actually have a folder of doors I’ve photographed during my travels so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that the theme of this week’s Photo Challenge is doors. (An excuse to spam people with door photos, yay!) As I started sorting and cropping, I was struck by how some structures are so typical of their locations — whether because of the architecture of the building itself or the colors and designs applied to it — while some could be from practically anywhere in the world. I can almost always tell which city or island I took which photo in, but I wondered…

Can you? Can you identify a place just by looking at a door and its surroundings? For fun, I thought I’d turn this photo series into a bit of a game. Take a look at the photos above and below, make a guess as to which place they’re from, then click on “Answer” at the bottom of the last photo — you’ll be taken to a post I’d previously written about that country/island/city. Have fun! 🙂

Doors 01b

Doors 01c

Doors 08c


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