Travel Notes: Stonehenge


Stonehenge | Image uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Wigulf~commonswiki | CC BY 2.5
Image uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Wigulf~commonswiki | CC BY 2.5

“I’m perfectly fine with being a typical tourist,” said my sister when I asked her if she wanted to go to Stonehenge (she did).

While I don’t have particularly strong feelings for or against seeing Stonehenge, I do think it’s the type of place where what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. If you go there expecting to see a breathtaking bunch of stones, you’re going to see a bunch of stones alright, but the breathtaking part’s a toss-up. On the other hand, if you dig a bit deeper and try to see beyond the stones, you will surely get more out of the experience.

So…I guess we’re going. 🙂

(Er, that is, if we get a visa. Fingers crossed.)

London to Salisbury

  • The cheapest way to get there is probably by Megatrain, with one-way fares ranging from £1 to £10.
    Megatrain London-SalisburyMegatrain Salisbury-London
  • Trip duration: 1.5 h
  • LON-SAL times (sample date 22/07): 8:20, 9:20, 12:20, 14:20, 21:20
  • SAL-LON times (sample date 22/07): 14:21, 16:21, 19:26, 21:26

Salisbury to Stonehenge

  • The Stonehenge Tour leaves from the rail station, goes to Stonehenge, stops by Old Sarum, then goes back to Salisbury station. (ROUTE)
  • Prices (click here for more info)
    • Bus only – £14
    • Bus + entrance fees to Stonehenge and Old Sarum – £27
    • Bus + entrance fees to Stonehenge, Old Sarum, and Salisbury Cathedral – £33
  • Timetable (sample below, click here for current timetable and more info)
    Screenshot_Stonehenge Tour_Autumn Timetable


  • Entrance fee – £14.50
  • According to the Stonehenge Wikitravel: “The Stonehenge landscape is one of the best preserved areas of readily accessible chalk downland in the UK. On the edge of Salisbury plain it features several rolling hills and dry river valleys that allow for pleasant walks without too much trouble.”

Cheapest way to see Stonehenge on a day trip from London

  • London to Salisbury (by Megatrain) – £1
  • Tour (bus + entrance fees) to Stonehenge and Old Sarum – £27
  • Salisbury to London (by Megatrain) – £1
  • Total – £29


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Travel Notes: Stonehenge
*Cheapest way to see Stonehenge on a day trip from London

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