KL and Bali in the air!

For someone who thinks travel planning is [nearly] half the fun, I uncharacteristically have made few plans* for my Bali trip — only several days away now. For the first couple of days, we will be staying in the heart of Ubud, using it as a base to explore Bali’s other regions. Going on tours seems to be the most practical way of seeing the sights; walking, my getting-around method of choice, does not seem to be feasible outside of Ubud as attractions are scattered throughout the island. I figure it’ll be easy enough to sign up for tours when we’re there (though if anyone has tour company/guide recommendations, I would love to hear them).

* Update 3/29:
I’ve now booked two tours in Bali! Yay!

Our route is actually Cebu – Kuala Lumpur – Bali, and we do have a plan for Kuala Lumpur: eat! We are purposely staying at a hostel near Jalan Alor and we fully intend to eat our way through the famous food street (and back). And, as if staying close to the foodie action isn’t enough, we also signed up for a walking food tour on our first full day in KL.

Image courtesy of www.urbanadventures.com
Image courtesy of www.urbanadventures.com

These days, I am always a bit torn in two when I leave. Travel is always a welcome breath of fresh air into my life, but I also feel deep in my heart that there’s really nowhere else I would rather be than home with the people I love. I can’t wait till I can take my entire family to all the places I’ve dreamed of showing them.

In the meantime: Bali. And Kuala Lumpur. With friends. Yay!

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