Some girls buy bags, some girls buy train tickets.

Caledonian Sleeper tickets

A berth on the Caledonian Sleeper feels like a positive luxury to my usually penny-pinching self. I justify the cost by comparing it to the cost of regular trains + a night in a hotel + time (= gold) but still. When I think about it, a single ticket costs over 10 times what I paid for 4 years at university. Hmmm, maybe I can think of this as a reward for my former scholastic diligence?

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24 thoughts on “Some girls buy bags, some girls buy train tickets.

  1. I’m reading about the Caledonian Sleeper now. When you said the price comparison did you mean train/transportation cost when you were at university for 4 years? That probably sounds dumb–but I’m asking because I know many countries offer free or very low cost education and I wasn’t sure if you meant your actual tuition or train travel commuting to school for 4 years? Please forgive me for my idiocy!!

    • I don’t blame you for the confusion! I got really lucky when I went to university — in the first place, it was a school that was heavily subsidized by the government, so the tuition fee was already way lower than other schools, and then I got this scholarship, so I paid (well, my parents actually, paid) a really small amount for the entire 4-year course. I feel crazy lucky every time I look back on it, especially as I’m starting to feel like I should start saving up for my son’s college tuition and I just know college will cost the earth years from now.

      • That’s wonderful=) Thanks for not blaming me for my confusion(which is really idiocy!) I wondered either way not that its even my business and now I think “why did I ask that??”
        That’s so cool. I wish everyone’s kids and future generations could get quality education free. I hope something changes before your son is of age.

      • Nah, it really was confusing, education normally doesn’t cost less than a train ticket…makes you think about the real value of things — compared to their monetary value — doesn’t it? Free quality education for everyone would be awesome, but if that’s not possible, at least for those in lower income brackets so they have a better chance to improve their lives.

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