Too Hot or Too Cold?

Which would you prefer?

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While other parts of the world are getting heavy snow this early, my part of the world is getting, well, the opposite. The Philippines is located above the equator; November to January are supposed to be our cooler months. However, the El Niño seems to have already ensconced itself quite snuggly in our country, and it is so hot right now, I can feel my face burning even though I’m indoors.

Mind you, we rarely get sub-20 temps even at the best of times. It’s for this reason I tend to want to travel to temperate countries though I’m not particularly suited to cold weather. (I was actually shivering — thermals, sweaters, and all — during what was considered a “mild winter” in Paris.) Aside from the novelty of the cool-weather experience, it’s also the only opportunity I get to wear stuff like trench coats and boots — bought at the ukay-ukay for the sake of practicality — which I find appealing if only because I am usually in tank tops and flip flops.


How’s the weather in your part of the world these days? Do you prefer hot or cold climes when you travel?

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