Balamban, Cebu
Balamban, Cebu

There’s something so promising about those stairs going down to an as yet undetermined destination.

Bukid” is the Cebuano term for mountain. Cebu is well known for its beaches (and mangoes…and dried fish…and guitars…and, seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried our lechon) but we also have mountains.

Our two most famous mountains are probably Mt. Manunggal and Osmeña Peak. The former is the site of the 1957 plane crash that killed one of the most beloved presidents in our history, Ramon Magsaysay. The latter is the highest point in our island and it is ridiculously gorgeous (Google it). I cannot think of a single acceptable reason for never having climbed Osmeña Peak, especially as I’ve camped around the Mantalongon, Dalaguete area at least 3 times, but I’m hoping to finally cross that off my bucket list this December, or next summer at the latest.

Since I haven’t yet got photos of Middle Earth-ly outcroppings, here instead are some photos from a mountain resort in the Balamban area and its surrounding flora.









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