The Fishermen of Burano


It’s winter in Venice and the streets of Burano are nearly deserted. These men work quietly, steadily, hoping to return soon to the warmth of home.


The Fishermen of Burano” was created by LSS for travel site Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “The Fishermen of Burano”

    • I was able to visit Venice once in October and once in January. There were definitely less tourists in January, which was weird to see after the swarms of people on my October visit. January was probably colder, but I brought thicker clothes too, so it didn’t matter so much. There was a lot of fog in January and not much light, so you’ll have to factor that in — for your photos, for example. The days are also shorter so there isn’t as much time to go around and see the sights, unless you don’t mind going at night. Otherwise, I enjoyed both experiences. 🙂

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