Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag


I stumbled upon the Frioul islands on my first visit to Europe in 2011. I was traveling with my sister, and we had boarded the ferry from Marseille to Frioul with heavy hearts: we’d learned earlier in the day that our grandfather had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital back home and was not expected to make it. The bare but beautiful atmosphere of the Frioul island of Ratonneau — where I took this photo of colorful seaside houses, their zigzag walls a sharp contrast to the curves of plant, stone and water — suited our melancholy and gave us solace at the same time. It was a beautiful place for a walk, a dip, a picnic; for thinking deep thoughts and thinking about nothing in particular.

Though I did not know it then, 2011 was also the beginning of a tumultuous time in my life. Far from the nice, straight line I had envisioned it would be, it’s become…a zigzag? A spiral? A random scribble in a heartless notebook? With the end not in sight. Yet. But I know — I know — that whatever the trajectory of my life has become, it’s going to go somewhere and it will mean something. I will make it mean something. Meanwhile, I refuse to let the melancholy blind me to the beauty all around me, to the kindness and friendship and love that is still there, whatever else may have gone.

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